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Telysholder Filisky Round Gold

Telysholder Filisky Round Gold

Is there something more beautiful to start with than to light the candles for a pleasant evening?

There is plenty of choice and the combination of different shapes and sizes of candleholders reinforces the effect, especially on a beautiful tray.

This tealight holder is made of brass.

The beautiful patterns are hand-punctured to perfection. If you pinch your eyes a little, all those little bright spots are like a starry sky. Isn’t that the start of a beautiful evening?

Dimension Ø 12x10cm

Pros and cons
  •  Nice shadow effect due to the hole pattern
  •  Brass never rusts and lasts a lifetime
  •  Nice to combine with other shapes in a group
  •  Some maintenance is required to maintain the shine and color
  •  The shine will fade a bit over time
  •  You can bring back the shine with copper polish

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